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Meeting of members of the International Fur Federation

The annual meeting of the members of the International Fur Federation (IFF) was held on the 8th and 9th of October in Athens (Greece).

During the forum discussion the good sales at past auctions were noted, as well as a price stabilization and the active demand for goods from Asian countries buyers .

Existing problems were also discussed among the positive trends.

The participants regretfully noted the fact that the production in European countries is currently limited. Costs in percentage terms are growing stronger than the global economy is.

This situation may have an impact on the price level at auctions in the upcoming season.

At the same time, a certain trend among European productions has occured. Buyers are adapting to the prevailing market conditions and optimizing their costs. In some cases they are transferring their production to other countries in order to maintain the existing volume of output.

Moreover, during the meeting the Ruspushnina auction house signed a cooperation agreement with the International Fur Federation on the Furmark certification program for natural fur products. We strive to fully support our customers, so we are ready to provide all possible consulting support in this case.




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