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Important information for the 10th IFA

We would like to offer you the fresh and high-quality collection of wild sable skins. About 70k skins of wild sable will be offered at May sales. There are less than 10% of unsold skins from the last auction in our current collection. As usual we will prepare high quality photos and a detailed description in our online catalogue.

The collection will be offered for physical inspection on May 17-20.

The sales will be online at our platform on May 21-22.

In case of visiting us, please, pay attention that our company has moved to a new address in Saint-Petersburg: 72А, Kondratievsky pr., St. Petersburg.

Please, contact our office meeting you in the building by phone or email. Our number: +7 (812) 454-75-54

Please pay attention to some updates

Online auction

We have updated our system and improved string sales. Now the buyer of a previous lot has 5 seconds for him to place a bid. Afterwards, other buyers will be able to place a bid. The system checks only previous lot in the string and only with a current price.

Auction prices and bidding are in USD.


Our new bank for currency transactions is the Bank of Saint-Petersburg. It is a private bank with partly foreign owners. The bank is not on any sanction lists, and it gets payments around the world. It is an indirect participant of China CIPS payment system through ICBC bank. Your Chinese customers could use this possibility and arrange the payments in CNY.

The auction prices and bidding are in USD. By the additional agreement with Ruspushnina ltd. we can accept your payments in EUR, CNY or Rubles, but USD is preferably.


The shipping is fine as usual. Our new routes help us to ship goods to Europe, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Cambodia. We are shipping through Turkey and UAE. You will get your goods in final destination as usual.

Additionally, we have to tell you, that unfortunately the price of packing materials and booking costs have recently increased a lot. We have been keeping prices at the same level for a long time, but now we have to increase the transport fees up 0.25%. The new transport fee to Europe is 1.75%, inside Russia 1.1%. The shipment by truck to Europe is not available today.


Our company is fully private and it is not associated with government. By your request we can send you Confirmation Letter with a list of associated persons and our official acknowledgement. Our new bank is free of any restrictions. Fur trade from Russia is not listed in any customs bans. We are not expecting any troubles with shipment and payments in this case.

Further support

We understand that some foreign structures don't work with any business in Russia. In this case we will support you with all necessary documents to push them. We are working with the 3rd side countries to arrange the new ways of trading to help you in such difficult situations.

Our company guaranties you the full return of any deposit and prepayments in case if we would not be able to ship the goods. The previous time we found all possible ways for our customers to get the goods safe and well. For this reason we have very few cancelled invoices and unsold skins in current collection.

We appreciate your cooperation and support at this difficult time. Our company will do our best to help you with any problems in a current situation.

We will be glad to answer any of your questions.



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