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Taiga is one of the largest natural zones on the Earth.
This is also typical for Russia. It occupies a large part of a huge country.

But in everyday terms, taiga is something different.

A dense impassable forest, lack of communication and something that is separated not from an ordinary city or village only, but even from the civilization.
This is the Russian taiga.

The several thousand kilometers territory with an infinite number of rivers, where it is very difficult to move because of the steep picturesque hills, impassable centuries-old coniferous forest and abundant white snow.
All these are the Russian taiga.


Fur craft is a traditional income for small-numbered peoples, which have no significant


The taiga is a place of craft for numerous indigenous peoples of the North and ordinary trappers from the very depths of Russia.

It is a very difficult work associated with a life danger.
This craft carries an important mission of preserving the balance of the animal population and giving jobs for people themselves.

Well-established tradition of fur trapping is something that we are proud of. And trappers are the people that we admire.

Production is regulated by a quota based on a scientific research on the number of fur animals.
The total number of sable in Russia is stable. In some areas it is becoming higher

The craft and the way we do it is a reflection of ourselves.
Centuries-old hunting traditions are being improved, just like we are.
Humanistic hunting is not an oxymoron, but an ethic.

Moving towards the welfare of animals and of the environment is important for the development of the society. Humanity is becoming a priority.

Trappers, suppliers, experts, furriers and designers together we ensure the compliance of these principles.
The principle of caring for the stable reproduction of the animals and the preservation of the environment is our responsibility.


Modern trapping methods comply with International Humane Trapping Standarts


At first sight, a fur product is a result of very different processes.
Mechanical selection procedure is preceded to the creative process of tailoring the product.
At the very beginning of all this things, there is a traditional craft of fur production, which is important not only economically, but both socially and culturally.

The labour of a huge number of people begins in taiga and the result is something more than just a beautiful product.

Fur is a long-lasting, biodegradable and eco-friendly material, unlike artificial 
synthetic fur

RUSPUSHNINA is a new name.
The new name reflects what we put into our business.
Our business is a craft, and craft is a tradition.
Our auction house represents Russian fur and the labour of thousands of people.

We represent those who live this way people from far Kamchatka, Yakutia and Siberia to St. Petersburg.
This craft is the only way to live for many people and we represent them.
Our mission is to help these people to get benefit from their work.
Our main goal is to show what Russian fur can be. Combining the incompatible features, like the Russian sable does - silky and wear-resistant at the same time.

The specialists of our auction house are people who know everything about it.
Those who love their work.
Our business is a craft, and craft is a tradition.

We do it with care and love.




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