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Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the supplying of furs for the auction sale



1. Do you buy furs?

No. The supplier buys fur.
We receive the product, sort it and make a collection for its further sale.
We can recommend you the suppliers of your region, if you are a private person and you want to sell your fur.


2. Is it possible for a private person to supply furs?

Yes. But it is not profitable for a private person due to the conditions of Tax Legislation.
In this case, we recommend you to register an Individual Entrepreneur. It's much faster and easier than it sounds.


3. What documents do you need for sending furs to the auction?

You need to issue veterinary certificates for the skins, if you want to send any raw fur to the auction.
Then you should prepare the shipping document. Your carrier prepares the air waybill.
After preparing a set of three documents you can be sure that you are ready to send the goods to the auction.


4. Where can I find out information about the lot numbers of my skins and get accounting documents?

Information about the product and lot numbers, as well as accounting documents, is available for the supplier on


5. Where can I view a statistics of the sale?

The supplier can view a full report of the sold product during and after the auction on


Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the purchasing of goods at auction and its shipment



What do I need to do for participating in the auction

To participate in the auction you need to provide information about your organization and make a deposit of 25% of the planned purchase. Than you decide what  goods you want to purchase, choose a number and come to the auction at the appropriate day or participate in it online.


2. What bids are accepted at the auction?

At the beginning of saling of a particular lot the auctioneer offers a price. It is the starting price.
If there is a competition in the offer, the rates are increased in proportion to the approved rules.


3. How do I find the list of lots that the buyer has purchased at the auction?

On our portal in the "Purchases" section there is a list with the purchased lots of your brokerage number.
Don't forget to send your invoice instruction to


4. When do you ship the purchase and how much does it cost to deliver it?

We send you the goods after you pay the bill. We immediately send it by a nearest plane or truck.
This usually happens within a week after we receive the money to the current account.
The shipping fee differs depending on the specific country.


5. What currency do I use to pay my bill?

If you plan to pay in rubles, then you need to make a transaction from a Russian bank account.
If the payment is in dollars, you should pay from a foreign bank account.

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