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NEWS: 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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The past year has been difficult for all of us. But it has also been very interesting.

We were used to working in certain conditions and we were forced to change the usual order of things. But we all need to look for positive.

All of us think about bringing something new into our life from time to time. This is what happened to us this year, but not by our will. But this makes it more interesting!


We believe that the coming year will bring a lot of positive emotions and we will keep moving to the goal persevere and straightly despite the whirlwind of events around us.

We wish you a Happy New Year and a bright Christmas holiday!

We wish you good luck and strong health and we are always waiting for you to visit!

We are very happy that we have the opportunity to work with you and as a present we want to give an improvement of our service. Therefore, we will be very grateful if you send us a letter (on with your wishes to the service of our online-portal, shipment, documentation support or anything else that you think is important.


Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to the auctions in 2021!

Joint online-conference



We held an online-conference and summed up the results of 2020.

Together with Russian Fur Union we analyzed the development prospects for the fur industry in 2021.



Alexey Plehanov | CEO of «RUSPUSHNINA» Auction house

Sergey Stolbov | President of the Russian Fur Union


Check the latest information of the market on our Youtube channel.

December auction results



Summing up the results of the year, we would like to thank our customers for their active support during this difficult time.

Thank you for participating in the auction and purchasing the product.
Thanks to you the spring collection has already been sold more than 65%.

Here you could check the full auction results.

Sales programme



The auction starts tomorrow at 9: 00 (UTC+3).

Online broadcast of sales will be available on the main page of our web-site or on our YouTube channel.

Here is our sales programme.

Video-conference with suppliers



We hold a meeting with suppliers after the auction.

We are holding an online conference in Zoom on 15.12 at 11:00 (Moscow time)

The link will be available later on the main page of our web-site.

December auction dates are changed



It was decided to change the dates of the December auction at the buyers request.

Inspection: December 12-13

Sales: December 14

About 50 thousand skins of wild sable will be put up for the auction.

More detailed information will be provided at the beginning of the inspection.

Letter to our suppliers



Today dictates new conditions which we have to work under.

Last season became a test of strength for us, but we have only got stronger.

We fulfilled our obligations to the suppliers. We sold the goods delivered to us as successfully as possible in the current conditions.

In our traditional letter Ruspushnina would like to express gratitude and support to the suppliers for their cooperation.

Schedule for the season 2020/2021



Auction's dates for the season 2020/2021:



Inspection: 13-14, Sales: 15



Inspection: 25-27, Sales: 28-29



Inspection: 24-26, Sales: 27-28

Auction products received FURMARK certification



RUSPUSHNINA products received an international FURMARK certification.

FURMARK is the global certification and traceability scheme for sustainable natural fur.
FURMARK delivers the reassurance needed to confidently buy natural fur. The certification is transparent, traceable and readily accessible.


From farmers and trappers to dressers and designers, FURMARK ensures that everyone is working together to meet exacting practices and standards – for the good of the animal, the environment, and the public.

October auction results



Today imposes new conditions and it influences our work.


The spring collection of wild sable was 125 thousand skins. 40% of this number have been realized with an average price of $55 per skin so far.

We are waiting for the returning of a usual trading format.

Thank you all for participating and we invite you to the December auction.

More information about results you could find here.

New online-catalogue instruction



We are glad to present you an updated online catalogue.

Now the search of the products has become even more convenient and fast.
The product is sorted by a few parameters, and the most interesting thing is that you can mix them.

Now let us tell you how it works!

Auction in October



One more auction is waiting for us in October!

Inspection: September, 29-30

Online-sales: October, 1

Register on our online-platform and write if you have any questions:

September auction results



The spring collection has been implemented in 20%.

96’000 wild sable raw skins were put up at the September auction and 5% of them were sold. Sales were much more selective than they were in July.

We are glad that you are following this path with us and we are looking forward to new achievements!

You can find more information here.

New opportunities for suppliers



There are new options on our online platform.

It allows you to track the percentage of sales, average price, and more in real time.

You could find more information about it here.

Sales programme



We regret that the situation with restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic doesn’t change, and some buyers are unable to visit St. Petersburg to participate in our auction.

Therefore, this auction takes place mainly online, as the previous event did.

We invite you to take part in the online auction and evaluate all the benefits of our trade platform today. Please, go to to begin an inspection.

Here is our sales programme.

September auction



September auction dates are moved for the customers' convenience.

Inspection: September, 4-5

Online sales: September, 6

The auction will take place on our online platform.

We are waiting for you on sales.

Online auction results



We created a unique platform for the sale of fur raw materials.

For the first time, the fur auction became a truly open event.

We are satisfied with the work  we have done and we are finally ready to share its results with you!

Top lot is sold!



The top lot of wild sable was sold at the «RUSPUSHNINA» online auction - $710 per skin.

Buyer: Anna Kaminskaia, Bella Mamma Atelier

We are glad to congratulate Anna. We are creating the story here and now!

As we told you the last time: "The further - the better!". So, we have kept our word!

Online auction instruction



Known and exceptional circumstances force us to work in a new mode and look for new opportunities.

June 26 and 27 we conduct an online auction.

For your convenience, we have prepared detailed instruction for online auction participants.

You can read the instruction here.

Supplier's meeting



We hold a meeting with suppliers on the eve of the upcoming auction.

We are holding an online conference in Zoom on 25.06 at 11:00 (Moscow time)

The link will be available on the supplier's personal account on

Catalogue is available online



Online catalogue with photos is available on our website:

If you have an opportunity, we also invite you to inspect the collection live from 22 to 25 June at 86 Revolyutsii sh., St. Petersburg.

Online catalogue



The online auction catalogue with photos is now available on our website!

It is filling in eventually and it will be fully ready very soon!

There are 5 photos available for each show lot. We tried very hard to choose the exact angle which may show you the main characteristics of the product accurately.

Register to view the catalogue and participate in the auction:

Joint appeal with Russian Fur Union



This difficult time everyone should be heard.

Together with the Russian Fur Union, we applied to the Government of the Russian Federation for including the main economical activity codes of fur industry participants in the list of particularly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. It includes regular hunters and even suppliers.
This issue is currently under consideration.

We are following the development of situation. We wish good health to you and your family!

Online auction



We are announcing an online auction!

Sales dates: June 26-27.
More than 120 000 skins of wild sable will be up for sale.

The catalogue will be available in electronic form with the photos of lots.

Changes in the schedule of the auction



Dear buyers!

Due to the spreading of COVID-19 in Russia, we have to reschedule the April's auction

for a later date.
We are monitoring the situation and we are concerned about safety of the participants of the upcoming auction.
In this regard, we are considering alternative ways of conducting the auction, which include electronic demonstration and sales.


Probable dates of the auction are changed to the end of May 2020.

We will inform you about precise dates later.

Web-site update



We updated our web-site!

As usual, main information, auction schedule, last news and personal account are available


But now it is more informative and easy to use.

You can also follow us wherever it's convenient for you:

Prolonging of the goods receiving



The period of the receiving of the goods is prolonged till March, 31


We remind you, for making an agreement for goods realization:

Auction Results



«When you do something for the first time, even if you've done it hundreds of times».
These words can describe our first auction.

We tried for you - for those who collect furs, and for those who want to buy it.
Together, we have made the largest collection of specially selected wild sable skins.


We would like to express our gratitude to our suppliers for their trust and to our customers for their active participation! 

Auction Results



We have summed up the results of the 1st international Fur Auction «RUSPUSHNINA».
We received a lot of attention and managed to attract a large number of buyers from different countries.
The average price of sable has decreased due to the fall in demand for fur raw materials. Mostly XXL and dark goods was removed and remained unsold. This affected the average price, because this categories costs much more expensive.

For now the average price is 53.30 USD per one skin, which is an adequate market indicator in its current state.
We are grateful to all participants for their interest, as well as to the suppliers, for understanding the current market situation.

We're just getting started!




The shipment of the goods has begun.

Information about purchases made for export:

Unique gift



The buyer of the first top lot received a unique handmade hammer with a commemorative engraving.
The top lot was sold with this very hammer.

Toplot is sold!



The first in our history toplot of wild sable was sold for $500 per skin.
The Buyer - Carlo Guida
We are glad to congratulate Carlo Guida on putting his name in our history!
The further - the better!

The first lot is sold!



The first lot was sold!
The first buyer - Steve Mechutan!

Online broadcast of sale



The 1st International fur auction «RUSPUSHNINA» in St. Petersburg starts tomorrow at 9:00 am.
We are ready!

Online broadcast of sale:

Sales program


Лого чер кв.png

The first international fur auction RUSPUSHNINA starts today in Saint Petersburg!
The largest collection of wild sable in 2020 - 150 thousand skins:
- Barguzinsky, dark - 45 000
- Barguzinsky, light - 100 000
- Yakutsky - 1 500
- Eniseisky - 1 500
- other - 2,000

To order a taxi and register:
📞 +7 (812) 454-7554

We will be glad to see you!

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