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September auction programme

Inspection: September, 1-2 Online sales: September, 3

30 thousand wild sable skins will be presented at the auction. The collection also consists of:

  • 90% highest quality skins

  • 40% XXI skins

There are more than 8 thousand silvery skins in the collection and it also includes bright silvery ones.

The main part of the catalogue are the products of the most popular pale color.

This catalogue with photos and videos is available on our platform and on YouTube channel (the instruction for using the catalogue is here).

We are not predicting a serious increase in supply in the upcoming season. The reason is the current unfavorable weather conditions in the main trapping regions, as well as the tightening of product turnover regulation.

The global rise in prices for all commodities may also affect the sales next year.

We hope that the presented collection will be able to fulfill the demand that has arisen and it will allow our partners and customers to prepare profitably for the upcoming season.

We are waiting for you for the inspection in our auction house on September 1-2, and at the online sales on September 3.


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