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Exhibition in Beijing

The International Beijing Fur and Leather Exhibition «BIFE-2024» is conducted from January 16 to 18, 2024.

«A large number of domestic and international enterprises participate in BIFE. That includes leading fur brands from Italy and Greece, Italian leather bag brands, fur manufactories, companies from the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Turkey and China. In addition, there are over a 100 of the largest textile and clothing export enterprises in China, which are represented in the field of textiles and clothing.»

At the exhibition we present the goods of our suppliers and promote sable as a product that may become the basis for the manufacture of premium fur products.

We remind you that February auction's inspection is held from 14 to 17 and from 25 to 26 of February. The online auction will be held on February 27.

Register on to participate in it!

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