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Results of the 11th IFA

We thank our suppliers and buyers. The spring collection has already been realized by more than 60% with the preservation of the price level due to our joint work.

The product put up for auction is the unsold positions at the successful May auction. In this regard, the catalogue did not include the most popular skins of light colours as well as inexpensive goods.

The results of the sale of sable skins at auction in September 2022


Quantity, pc.

Sold, %

Min., $

Avg., $

Max., $

Wild sable raw






We are glad to see the increased interest in sable, mink and other types of fur at European and Russian auctions in September. Unfortunately, the market is a subject of foreign policy tensions, but we fulfill our obligations to suppliers and buyers in a timely manner. We are following the developing situation with special attention and ready to respond promptly to new circumstances so we could continue providing a platform for the successful sale and purchase of fur raw materials.

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Best regards,

General director (CEO) of Ruspushnina ltd.

Alexey Plehanov ______________

Online auction results 11
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