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Results of the 12th IFA

At the very end of 2022 we are pleased to apprise you of the results of the December auction and planned steps in the upcoming season.

European companies and manufacturers have historically been the main buyers of sable at auction. The current restrictions on the shipment of fur raw materials to the EU are changing the usual procedure.

Despite the circumstances we have fulfilled all obligations to our suppliers in preparing of the goods for the auction as well as the payments to our partners for previous periods. The main volumes of furs have been successfully sold at stable prices.

The results of the sale of sable skins at auction in December, 2022


Quantity, pc

Sold, %

Avg, $

Sable farm raw

4 906



Sable wild raw

31 759



Sable wild silvery raw




More buyers of sable from Turkiye and Russia are appearing on the market, and the December auction has shown it. We also would like to notice an increasing interest in sable from Asian countries. For several auctions in a row, there has been an increase in a number of buyers from Asia, sending goods to their region for dressing. But despite the achieved successes our company does not stop at these results.

Ruspushnina introduces European colleagues to the quality of Russian dressing. A test batch of light sable skins, already dressed in Russia, was sent to Italy for further colouring in popular shades. This procedure will allow European customers to continue buying Russian furs.

We have always worked ahead and even in the most difficult conditions, we did not wait for new options of selling raw materials, but we searched and found ones. And they have become the new reality for the market. We are confident that in 2023 Ruspushnina auction will continue to successfully sell fur and fur raw materials even with increased sanctions restrictions.

Expecting the strengthening of the sanctions policy we are actively involved in developing of state programs of the industry support. We believe that nowadays the participants of the Russian market feel the need of the support of their business more acutely than ever.

At the same time we continue to develop and support the domestic market. We have launched a fur-marketplace, created for the online sale of various types of furs throughout the country, which is now available in a beta mode. This is a platform where various ateliers, handicrafts, just craftsmen and hunters could share their offers and find their buyers. Try it right now!

The next auction is scheduled for the second half of February 2023. Acceptance of the goods is already open. Please, contact us to conclude new supply contracts. We are waiting for all suppliers who wants to work with our friendly, open and professional team!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all members of fur market and their families! We wish you good health, a successful winter season and soon normalization of the international situation!

Follow the news on auction’s website and also on our official Telegram-channel!

Best regards,

General director (CEO) of Ruspushnina ltd.

Alexey Plehanov

Online auction results 12
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