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Results of the 13th IFA

The 13th International Fur Auction differed from the previous ones characteristically. It seemed, the already familiar online format formed a stable habit of convenient remote inspection of goods. But physical checkup has a number of advantages, despite the obvious practicality. First of all it's a live communication.

We are glad to constantly receive the feedback from you. We strive to apply it in our work. Among other implemented requests of our customers there is an early access to the online exhibition. Photos of our collection in most of their volume were available the day before the first day of inspection.

As a result of the auction we fixed the vector for the price level refund. There was a rise in prices at all the positions! But at the same, time we would like to note that the basis of the sold goods are inexpensive skins. Also the main buyers are from Russia and Southeast Asian countries.

The results of the sale of sable skins at auction in February, 2023


Quantity, pcs

Sold, %

Avg. price, $

Wild sable raw




Buyers traditionally formulate new needs for replenishment of the warehouse after major events of the fur industry. We additionally expect selling of the part of the previously auctioned goods based on the results of the exhibitions "The One Milano" in Milan and HKFF in Hong Kong.

Wild sable top lot at the auction in February, 2023

Top lot

Buyer: Snezhnyi bars ltd.

Price: 700 US dollars per skin

The next auction is scheduled to a period from May 21 to May 24, 2023.

We are already starting to accept the skins and also open to concluding supply contracts with new contractors. We invite everyone to take part in the next auction!

Follow the news on auction’s website and also on our official Telegram-channel!

Best regards,

General director (CEO) of Ruspushnina ltd.

Alexey Plehanov


Online auction results 13
Download PDF • 144KB


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