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Results of the sales in September

The main volumes of goods were sold earlier at the May auction. However, some of the goods remained unsold and were offered to our customers in September. As an experiment, the assortment was expediently implemented in an unusual format of collecting applications. We have selected the best offers and as a result eventually sold 45% of the 23 thousand wild sable skins exhibited in September at an average price of 77 US dollars per skin.

The exchange rate of foreign currency stimulated the interest of the Asian market, and therefore the dark goods of 1-4 colours were sold largely due to buyers from China. Light colours sable was presented in scattered lots, that did not arouse strong interest among buyers.

An important feature of the last auction was the introduction of export customs duties. In this regard, we increased the fees by 7% for goods sold for export.

We would like to note that the introduction of the duty a few days before the sales in September had a negative impact on prices and sales volume. The interest in the product from the traditional sable markets – the EU and Turkiye – had significantly decreased. Despite this, we are moderately positive about the upcoming season and expect that the new rules will become more understandable to market participants.

We continue to sell unsold goods. All up-to-date information about available lots is presented on . We invite buyers to send their suggestions.

We are planning to hold the next auction in December 2023 and invite suppliers of wild and farm sable to participate in the auction of the new season! Best regards,

General director (CEO)

Ruspushnina ltd.

Alexey Plekhanov


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