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Results of the 17th IFA

In the February collection we were able to collect about 68 thousand sable skins in addition to the already realized December collection, which consisted of 34 thousand skins. For comparison we should say that at the last year's February auction only 47 thousand skins were put up. This fact demonstrates the significant trust that suppliers show to us.

The results of the sale of sable skins at auction in February, 2024


Quantity, pcs

Avg. price, $

Sold, %

Wild sable raw




As one of the important results of the auction we note the remaining increase in the average price. At the same time it should be mentioned that nowadays foreign buyers include the export customs duty in the price, offered by them. We described details of the new fee earlier. Recalling that, now the exporter (auction) must charge the duty either from the supplier or from the buyer.

At the last auction we worked on the second option. It shows an objective average price for a sable skin for the market. For comparison if we charged a fee straight from the supplier (not from the buyer), the average auction price for the product would correspond to the amount from 105 to 110 US dollars.

Comparative table of the average price at auctions in February in different years







Avg. price, $






At the last auction it is worth noting the strong differentiation of demand. The reason for it is the described above duty. Sales of dark goods amounted to about 80-90% with an active competition from domestic manufacturers. At the same time the pale goods saling was at the level of 40-50%, although they are traditionally in a higher demand among foreign buyers. But in the current conditions they will have to pay additional costs.

Taking into account the traditional reduction in the volume of goods presented at the spring auction, we decided to preserve a significant part of the pale goods, refusing to sell it at a low price. These remains will be included in the spring collection, which will improve its quality, that mostly depends on its volume.

The following areas should be highlighted among the main buyers: China, Hong Kong, Russia, the EU.

Top lot in February, 2024


Price, $/pc


Top lot


Emil Shabaev

The results of sales of other international auctions, including the ones in Helsinki and Copenhagen, allow us to optimistically assess the prospects for the sale of furs.

We invite you to take part in the May auction. The exact dates of it will be announced in the near future. Follow auction's news on our official Telegram-channel and on!

Best regards,

General director (CEO)

Ruspushnina ltd

Alexey Plekhanov

Online auction results 17
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