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Sales programme and the top lot of the 10th IFA

We have prepared a collection of wild sable and we are glad to present it to you!

Well-selected raw sable skins are available for inspection online, as at our new space on 72A Kondratievsky pr. in person.

Wild sable raw:

Barguzinsky — 56'086 pcs

Barguzinsky silvery — 8'564 pcs

Yakutsky — 829 pcs

Eniseisky — 205 pcs

II Gr, D1, D2 - 1'381 pcs

And also:

Baum marten raw — 30 pcs

Bear Kamchatsky dressed — 2 pcs

Among other lots of excellent quality, please, pay attention to a special one — lot 4523. The top lot of the spring collection is presented in the amount of ten bright silvery skins with a noble blue shade and in the traditional dark second colour.

We remind you that the 10th International Fur Auction starts on May 21 at 10.00 a.m. (Moscow time). Starting prices are also available in the online catalogue.


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