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Sales programme of the 12th IFA

Inspection: Dec 17-18, 2022 Online auction: Dec 19, 2022 Start at 10.00 am (Moscow time)

35,000 Barguzinsky sable skins will be offered at the auction:

  • 15,000 fresh skins of light colours (starting from colour 6)

  • 4,500 bright silvery skins

There will also be presented:

  • Saltykovsky farm sable: 5'000 skins

  • Siberian wolf (dressed): 158 skins

  • Bear dressed and derivatives

We would like to inform our European buyers, that the auction will be held as a part of the continuation of the September auction.

The auction contract was officially registered with the state authorities on September 17, 2022, and it does not fall under restrictions until January 8, 2023.

You have the last chance to officially purchase raw sable skins under the current restrictions!

Our company approaches to all restrictions in a responsible way and strives to help customers as much as it is possible in the current conditions.

Auction are held in US dollars, but you can also pay bills in euros, yuan, turkish lira and rubles.

The shipment of goods is available to most countries of the world, including the EU, China, Turkey, Cambodia and Thailand.

You could check the collection on our online platform You only need to pass a simple registration.

The catalogue will be available for viewing a few days before the auction.

If you want to participate in the auction and have not yet registered as a buyer, please, contact us.

We will be especially glad to see you personally for inspection and participation in the auction at the address:

St. Petersburg, Kondratyevsky pr., 72A.

If you are interested, please, contact us in advance for meeting you at the checkpoint.

Our contact number: +7 (812) 454-75-54.

e-mail: ,



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